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Climate Change and Tourism (CCT)


The Department of Environmental Economics of BUTE conducted a research project „Studying the effects of climate change on tourism and adaptation opportunities” for the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Local Government in 2010.

The main topics of the research were:


  • Investigation and evaluation of national and international literature
  • Investigation of climate change effects on natural values and nature-based tourism
  • Questionnaire survey among stakeholders
  • Development of a “climate-friendly” tourism strategy, entitled “Tourism development strategy for prevention of and adaptation to climate change (2010-2025)”
  • Development of an evaluation framework of sensitivity of tourism regions and its application to Hungarian regions
  • Development of a “Climate-friendly tourism guide”


One of the main purposes of the project was to develop the “Climate-friendly tourism guide”. The guide can be useful for organisations operating in the tourism sector or related industries. The first section of the paper introduces the effects and consequences of climate change, drawing attention to the problem. It is followed by a set of steps and ideas for various actors to realise climate-friendly tourism. Three types of actions are described: GHG mitigation, adaptation to effects and improvement of climate awareness. We think that climate-friendly tourism can be achieved by “taking small steps forward”. Our guide can be useful for all actors of tourism sector to find the right way.